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The General Service Office in New York serves the A.A. groups in the U.S. and Canada as a clearinghouse and exchange point for the wealth of A.A. experience.

A brief history of AA in Delaware county, Indiana

A Brief History of AA in Delaware County in Indiana. This booklet tells the beginnings of AA in Central Indiana in and around the city of Muncie, Indiana.

Early Indianapolis A.A.

History of AA in Indianapolis, Indiana. This is a 41 page booklet of the beginnings in Indianapolis and Indiana. History compiled by Bob S.

Richmond, Indiana History

History of AA in Richmond, Indiana and Surrounding Communities. Connersville, Cambridge City, Greenville, OH., Union City, Winchester, College Corner, OH., Liberty, Brookville, Hagerstown, Eaton, OH., New Castle, IN.

Pre-AA History

Pre-AA History Book. This is a study of synchronic events between 1926 and 1935 which culminated in the birth of Alcoholics Anonymous. 45 pages, written in 2004, by Bob S. of Richmond, Indiana

Pre-AA History Extended

Pre-AA History Book Extended Version. This was written in 2016, by Bob S., of Richmond, Indiana. Contains a total of 93 pages of interesting events between 1926 and 1935.